Designing A Relationship Between The Chefs And The Modern Patisserie ' Atom

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Business Overview:
My business is a molecular patisserie called ‘Molecule, The Modern Patisserie’. Molecule is a modern patisserie that has a combination of classic and modern dishes. The patisserie combines the techniques of classic techniques with modern methods, today’s culinary experience is all about preservation of the flavour and keeping what nature has to offer pure and knowledge and that what Molecule is all about.

Mission Statement:
‘Molecule, The Modern Patisserie’ the idea behind Molecule was to revolutionize modern patisserie using modern techniques with classic recipes. Is this your mission?Molecule is a patisserie that runs like any kitchen, but with desserts, we want to bring the customers closer to their desserts as to show them what goes into making these extraordinary items. People often get scared when they hear ingredients with big names or names that they cannot pronounce and that turns them off to trying and experimenting with these, but Molecule hopes to break this gap and create a bring. Molecules design is set up to create a relationship between the Chefs and the customer, a see through glass window from where customers can peep through and see what’s being done and how they are being done and the intricate details that goes into making of certain things. Molecule brings a combination of science and art into the enjoyment of cooking and brings it to you.
So what is your mission – what are you trying to achieve in a statement?
Vision: what is…
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