Designing A Rental Car Agency Essay

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The name of our company is RelayRydes and we will operate as a rental car agency. We plan to serve the region New England only. We will also offer all different types of cars and trucks (i.e., compact, midsize, luxury). Our rentals will be offered at a competitive rate and the vehicles will be of better value. We will be located at small regional airports across New England (i.e., BGR Airport), as well as in major airports in New England (i.e., BOS Airport). 2. This partnership will continue to operate until all of the partners decide to leave the business or the company dissolves. 3. RelayRydes, LLC 1486 Northbrook Drive, Cambridge, MA 02138 4. All employees are coming with no lying contracts from previous jobs. 5. We will allow for higher level employees to make additional contributions to the business if we see difficult competition nationally, pushing us to make improvements to our company. 6. Each partner will be required to keep at least $3,000 in their bank account at all times in case of an emergency. 7. If in a situation a business partner were to make a thoughtless decision. The two highest level partners will share 50% of the responsibility while the third and fourth junior party members will be individually responsible, each holding 25% of the responsibility. 8. The two highest level partners will receive weekly payments of a fixed income. Junior level partners will receive payments every 6 months, which will be discussed due to the profit made. 9.
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