Designing A Research Lab Research For Outside Companies

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This specific skill was developed from college and having a part time job and being able to balance out my part time work and college work this skill has continued to develop throughout my university studies with the meeting of several coursework deadlines and manging my time accordingly. During my 5-week placement I was placed into a research lab conducting research for outside companies. These external companies had set deadlines for when studies should be completed and the data collected released to them therefore it was key to work to a tight schedule to meet such deadlines. The first time I came across pressured situations was working in m part time job at Specsavers, where it was a fast placed environment meaning customers…show more content…
Although I have used this skill in the past this is something I would like to revisit as during my placement no opportunity has arisen to develop this skill. Only chance I have yet to encounter where I have been presented with the ability to adapt to ever changing situations, from a young age playing football and cricket teams have given me this opportunity to come up with plans and tactics while in the middle of the game. So far I have found this skill increasingly difficult to develop while working in a lab at my placement and during my academic studies due to standard operating procedures in which leave little room for adaptability when in lab scenarios. This skill is something I would look to develop in the future. This skill has been a key part of my part time jobs both customer service based therefore has been developing and improving ever since. During my time at Specsavers our mission statement was to deliver the based customer service possible by engaging with the customers and building up a rapport by treating the customers like a quest and not a customer. This was constantly tested and checked with company ran mystery shoppers which were filmed to allow
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