Designing A Residents-Led Cultural And Religious Competence Program Analysis

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Designing a Residents-Led Cultural and Religious Competence Program

1. Participants will learn a model of teaching cultural, religion, and spiritual competence that is mainly resident-led.
2. Participants will learn the value of residents and faculty sharing their own culture and worldview as a way of teaching and learning cultural competence.
3. Participants will have the opportunity of sharing their own pitfall, successes, and goals in preparing their residents and faculty in cultural, religious, and spirituality competence.
4. Participants that have limited diversity in their program faculty and residents will have the opportunity to consult the audience on creative ways to teach cultural competence.

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It is also common that didactics are presented in a lecture based format6, promoting what on one of the previous year workshop title “Death by PowerPoint.” Complicating matters more, many residents (and attending physicians) might feel that is “irrelevant to their clinical work.”7
Our workshop will present a model implemented by our program where the driver of education is a resident-led learning. It will show our experience of residents and staff sharing particular aspects of their upbringing, their cultural uniqueness, their religious (or lack thereof) worldview that informs other residents that come from different ethnic, cultural, or religious worldview. These shared experiences become the basis to share clinical cases, many

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