Designing A Responsive Web Design Essay

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Own Website - Responsive design A responsive web design is a web design approach that reinforces the creation of optimal viewing and interaction experience as well as easy navigation and reading with minimal adjustments across a wide range of devises. A website that is responsive is able to adapt a viewing layout that incorporates the use of features such as CSS3 media queries, fluid proportion based grids and flexible images. Responsible websites makes it easy to use a gadget such as a Smartphone to view very large websites; this possibility makes it easy for you to make your website accessible to people using all sorts of gadgets and not just a desktop computer or laptop. The benefit of having a responsive website includes: • Boost to your search engine optimization (SEO). This is an important marketing step because people like something that looks great whether it is a blog or link from a social media site. • The fact that 60% of all internet access across the world is made via mobile devices • Makes it easy for you to convert browsers to buyers because a responsive web design takes away the element of frustration that is associated with zooming and difficulty in reading information displayed in the website. The bottom line is that a site that is easy to access and read is easy to sell. Email Marketing This is a direct marketing strategy that is used to convey a marketing message to a targeted audience via email. The process involves sending advertisements, donations,

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