Designing A Sales Subsidiary Structure

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In the organizational context, I recommend Winch-It to adopt ‘Sales subsidiary structure’. I judged that it was the most appropriate stages to dive in among the four stages of internationalization considering the company’s situation and attitude. In the staffing context, I recommend Winch-It to take the ethnocentric approach in the staffing context and the balance sheet approach in international compensation. Finally, in international performance management, I listed several issues need to be concerned and suggested adopt not ‘TCN role conception’ but ‘PCN role conception’. Introduction The main object of this portfolio is to provide the board with useful advice for Winch-It to develop an international business. Since they are uncertain of what type of organizational structure they would build for international operations and what country to expand, I reflected the board’s demand and explanation of the company’s current situation mostly than other variables to compose my recommendations. The organizational context I would like to recommend Winch-It to adopt ‘Sales subsidiary structure’. Typically, initial stage for manufacturing firms entering international operations is exporting. Therefore, theoretically the optimal organizational structure for Winch-it which has no experience of in establishing any form of oversea operation is ‘Export department structure’. However, I would like to take a more realistic approach than this. The board is confident that Winch-It
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