Designing A Seamless Experience For The Web

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On the surface, a well-made website not only needs very little energy to use but also feels as if it were easy to create. In reality, a usable website requires a lot of time and effort before a single string of code can be written to build a seamless experience for the user. Jesse James Garrett in The Elements of User Experience: User-Centered Design for the Web and Beyond offers a road map that considers each of the five planes, strategy, scope, structure, skeleton and surface, that contribute to a well thought out website. Applying Garrett’s five planes to the “Bundle from Scratch” page,, at Local Fair Market will show how well each plane was considered during the website’s…show more content…
The primary function of this page is to choose unique items that will be included in a gift bundle. To appeal to a wide enough audience, Local Fair Market offers a wide selection of products. Each product includes two lines of text for the description and one for the price, and a primary and secondary image. The webpage includes bundle and non-bundle gift options in the top menu, four products per row on this page, shipping information that is highlighted as the company does not use traditional shipping methods, instructions, in stock/out of stock notifications, and product categories. A feature that was not included is the ability to directly go to each product category section. Unlike the “Shop Bundles” tab at the top of the page which includes a drop down with menu choices, the user must scroll down to be aware of and see different product categories.
Garrett defines the structure as a way to see “how the pieces fit together to form a cohesive whole” (2011, p. 79). The conceptual model of the “Bundles from Scratch” page is retail shopping with a shopping cart although the shopping cart is not visible from this page. To determine the information architecture or how information would be structured, the designers considered how the content would be structured, the architectural approach and organizing principle. The content was structured using a top-down approach
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