Designing A Seamless Instruction With A Theme Based Environment

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Putting it all together: from one first grade teacher to another; The Reading Teacher, 2002, talks about how to create a seamless instruction with a theme based environment. It also gives descriptions of routines, centers, how the rotation systems are established and of how a classroom should be managed while incorporating a balanced schedule. Children will be taught Literacy, Journal Writing that allows children to write regularly in both a formal and informal way, Learning Centers that allow the students to explore educational areas arranged by the teacher, Lesson Plans, Education, and Reading Strategies that can be used or taught to facilitate reading proficiency. The combination of these will immerse children in their learning…show more content…
Therefor teachers are being encouraged to look beyond the restrictions of the traditional approaches for each individual child. (Sebastian Wren, 2003)
Steven Krashen is an author who basis his theory on linguistics on Second Language Acquisition who was inspired by the Second Language Learning children because of their silent period. The period when the young learner speaks minimally, due to the lack of competence to produce language. He discovered the language will come in the Natural Order Hypothesis. The Natural Order Hypothesis states we acquire the rules of language in a predictable order. (Comprehensive Approach-Wikipedia) Before Krashan began his publications in 1985, he had studied other hypothesis in publications by Frank Smith and Kenneth Goodman that stated “we learn to read by reading,” by understanding what is on the page. James Asher and Harris Winitz also hypothesized that comprehension is the mechanism underlying language acquisition. (Krashan, Case Histories and the Comprehension Hypothesis, June 2014) Krashan believes that language and literacy can be acquired or learned. These two approaches are contrasting. He says Acquisition happens subconsciously and the knowledge is gained and placed in the brain without knowing it. As for the learning approach, it is having knowledge of the language. Grammar and Acquired Competence

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