Designing A Seven Band Stacked Patch Antenna Design For C, X And Ku Band

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Abstract:- In this paper a seven-band stacked patch antenna design for C, X and Ku band is considered. To generate multiband frequencies micro strip stacked patch antenna is introduced. The proposed structure is a planar structure having all the dimensions in mm and is designed by using a substrate of FR4 having thickness 1.6 mm. This proposed antenna is having seven bands of operation. The considered antenna consists of H-slot loaded fed patch, stacked with dual U-slot loaded rectangular patch. The size of the antenna is 39.25 x 29.25 x 1.66 mm2. The patch antenna is studied and simulated using IE3D simulator. The antenna is analyzed by circuit theory concepts to practically verify the results. The results pertaining to various functional parameters of the multiband micro strip patch antenna such as RL, Gain and Radiation pattern versus frequency are obtained. Keywords:-Dual U- Slot Loaded Stacked Patch, H-Slot loaded Fed Patch, RL(Return Loss), IE3D,Microstrip Patch antenna, Multiband Antenna I. Introduction Every communication system is primarily focused on the usage of antenna as it plays a vital role in transmitting and receiving the information signals. An antenna is made itself a mandate component of communication system. The stupendous growth of wireless communication systems along with wonderful use of radars opens a huge demand to new kind of antennas like small antennas, multi frequency antennas, and broadband antennas [2]-[1]. Planar multi-resonators and

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