Designing A Social Enterprise That Provides Jobs For Men

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During our first round of interviews, we focused on resort shop owners and boutique retailers to determine needs, considerations, volume, product selection, price points, and target customer.

For the second round of interviews, I worked with Josh Larson to identify the areas in which we need more support and who would be the best resource for each area. We decided to focus on online sales, tourists purchase behavior, and manufacturing. Of the three, we knew that the manufacturing interview would be the most challenging. Neither one of us has a background in manufacturing, so our questions had to be very open and the interviewee would need to determine what would be the most pressing points to consider. We knew the three contacts, so setting up the appointment was easy.

I like to begin the interview by thanking the interviewee for their time, and sharing very broadly that we are looking to establish a social enterprise that provides jobs for men in Roatan. I do not initially share that it is for the production of leather goods to determine the feasibility of the product.


Emily is an online retailer with experience selling to a socially-conscious customer. David is an online shopper and recent resort visitor. Sujeet has over 10 years of experience with importing and exporting leather good from Asia.


Emily’s interview was a conference call with Joshua. I asked the initial questions, and Joshua asked additional questions at the end of the…

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