Designing A Specific Type Of Ecommerce Website Essay

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1.3 OBJECTIVE OF WORK :- This solution is not for a specific type of ecommerce website but it is an effort to give a generalized and best solution for the easy and cost-effective automation of many customers Who don’t have time to Shop/Purchase and also don’t want to buy online so this application is helpful for such users etc. 1.4 SCOPE OF WORK :- The scope of this solution is any person who is involved in Sales, Purchase, Searching Shops and Saloons according to users locations and maintaining sellers , rent sellers ,saloons information . It also provides reminders for appointment to customers of saloons. 1.6 COMPARISONS WITH EXISTING SYSTEM :- In the current application customers can do online shopping but cannot search shops nearby areas and see their stuffs ,in existing application online saloon appointment is there but users can trace location and search according to their location is not there and also cant chat with rent sellers he/she cannot set reminders for appointments.etc In proposed system live on chat with rent sellers is required so that customers can easily in contact with rentsellers and can set reminders for remembering the date of appointments, search nearby shops for their stuffs. This application will be helpful and best way to easy to buy the stuffs and buying rental stuffs for functions such as navratri and any kind of Occasions etc. 2.1 MILESTONES AND DELIVERABLES :- · Secure payment method that is Cash On Delivery. · Set Remainder for the
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