Designing A Successful Training Program

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In order to create a successful training program, ConAgra Foods has to have analyzed their organization, personnel, and tasks to ensure what kind of training is necessary. After, assessing the organization 's needs, it 's clear ConAgra Foods main objective for its new training program is to focus on providing its sales team with new skills; so every one of its salespeople “know their product lines and customers so well they can serve as trusted advisors” (Noe et al., 202). This means each employee needs to be trained in understanding financial data and how sales affect ConAgra’s profits. To accomplish this goal, the company has opened up a system to share training resources in hopes of meeting each individual 's needs. To track employee…show more content…
Furthermore, by being able to track progress all the way through the program, a manager can see what training methods were beneficial and areas which may need to be improved. When developing the training program, the company planned well for ways to measure the results. This truly gives ConAgra a competitive advantage over companies who do not evaluate their training methods.
ConAgra decided to expand their training efforts to include the first-line supervisors, because these members may not have had a chance to practice how to become a leader of individuals and teams. The purpose of the training program was to have its supervisors “understand what is involved in being a leader at ConAgra Foods so their groups can provide better results” (Noe et al., 202). To track the success of the members, employee surveys were used to add feedback and develop new training procedures where improvement was needed. Overall, the program proved to have decreased employee turnover. Economically speaking, the results proved to have saved the company roughly “$116,100 for every class of 28 supervisors trained” (Noe et al., 202). According to the company website, when comparing “600 trained and 1,600 untrained supervisors...Those who went through the training also were nearly twice as likely to be promoted” (ConAgra Brands). Clearly, ConAgra’s training methods prove to be beneficial, has helped supervisor succeed and be
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