Designing A Sustainable Competitive Advantage For Companies Essay

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As a set of business activities that add value to goods and services sold to consumers, retailing involves key strategies in order to build a sustainable, competitive advantage for companies (Peterson & Balasubramanian, 2002). These strategies involve identifying a retailer’s target market and satisfying those needs. Through observing the retail strategy used by the company T2, this essay will ascertain and analyse their retail mix in order to determine the competitive advantage T2 has and whether it is sustainable or not.

Before T2 can be analysed in terms of the retailing strategy used, it must first be defined as a retail outlet. It is a speciality, store-based, franchise organisation (Reynolds et al., 2007) that was founded over 18 years ago by an interior designer named Maryanne Shearer (Shearer, The Making of T2, 2015). Beginning as a retail store in Fitzroy, Australia, it was seen as an opportunity to re-invent tea for the new generations to come; to make tea fashionable. T2 has expanded its reach to over 65 stores worldwide, including New Zealand. All of the T2 retail stores provide a sensory experience for the customers, allowing them to explore the immersive world of tea drinking (Shearer, Philosophy, 2015). T2’s move over to New Zealand occurred in 2013, with the opening of the Queen Street store. This store will be analysed in terms of retail mix and strategies.

The retail strategy of a company outlines the retailer’s target market, the plan that will be

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