Designing A System Design For An Automobile Repair Business

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2 Introduction As part of our MIS 4163 class, we are going to work in a project that will prepare a system design for the application we select. Our team, the Purple Pirates, is a team composed of 5 people. We have selected to put together the design for a service order and invoicing application for an auto repair business. We have named our project ARS which stands for Auto Repair System. JMC Auto Repair is the business we selected for our project. It is a small family business without a sophisticated computer system. Even though they have a personal computer they do not have an application to process their service orders or manage customer information. We are going to design an application data base (DB) for a service orders and invoicing system that will simplify the administrative processes, and it will keep basic customer information as well as information of the services rendered and parts used. With this information at hand, they will be able to offer future services to their customers. 3 Vision Our vision is to develop a design of an auto service and invoicing application. This solution will provide a quote that could be converted to a work order. The work order could be updated as the work is being performed and once complete, it will generate an invoice. The application will allow for the storing of customer information for future studies. We will use Microsoft Access (MS) data access management system (DBMS) to act as the application hub for the JMC Auto

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