Designing A User Friendly Android ™ Application

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1. Project summary 2
1.1 Aim of the project 2
1.2 Risk table 2
2. Risk 1 – Unable to create a database design/structure 3
3. Risk 2 – Unable to show videos or pictures within the application 4

1. Project summary

1.1 Aim of the project

The aim of the project is to develop a user-friendly Android™ application which is able to track the users’ workout, gives feedback in form of statistics and shows a log of previously completed workouts.
With additional compatibility for previous versions, the application will be created on the latest version of the Android™ Package Index.
Developed will the application be in JAVA which is the primary language used to program Android™ applications.

1.2 Risk table
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For every technology which is used within the application a prototype is going to be built to become familiar using the technology. Since the prototypes are only used to work with the technology and to test some situations, these prototypes do not have a user-friendly and well-designed interface implemented.
At the end of each section, the impact on the methodology, specification and planning is discussed. Additionally the time which was needed to lower the probability of the risk is going to be compared to the estimated time which was declared in the Project Definition Report.
The source code for every application with additional explanations is available within the appendices. 2. Risk 1 – Unable to create a database design/structure

The implementation of a database is one of the most important features for the application because many features depend on the values which are stored in the database or depend on storing values within the database. This is why the impact of the risk on the success of the application is declared as high.
Becoming familiar using the SQLite API for Android™ is the purpose of the sample application which was created to lower the probability of the risk. Using methods to insert data into the database and to get all information out of the database was the purpose of the sample application.
The sample application which was created stores a name and a number for each person within a database. Users of the application have the
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