Designing A Viable Platform For Humanoid Robotics

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I. Objectives ● Construct a viable platform for humanoid robotics to integrate to our day to day lives. ● Examine the use of robotics in warfare. ● Utilize humanoid robotics in the service industry. ● Utilize humanoid robots to assist children with autism and other disabilities to improve the child’s social and motor skills and provide an avenue for education. ● Examine the long lasting effects of robotic use both humanoid and non-humanoid on the economy. ● Examine legal issues surrounding robotics to determine a balance where laws do not inhibit robotic innovation but still ensure the safety of human citizens. II. Impact Innovation is often thought of as coming from the scientists rigorously testing technology in their labs. However, we…show more content…
Honda and Sony are designing robots that look more like the same movies ‘android’ C-3PO.” Many of the robots being developed today have been inspired by ideas that had previously been seen as impossible. The dreamers of days past can inspire the innovators of today. By basing designs on popular sci-fi models, innovators can make robots more appealing to the public. Robotics has a significant impact on the modern economy. Due to their increasing popularity, debates have arose concerning the ethics of using robots to replace jobs that would have previously used human employees. “By 2025, 1 in 3 jobs will be performed by robots or other smart technologies,” says Peter Sondergaard, director of the Gartner Conference in 2014. The jobs that will most be replaced are jobs that require low skills such as taxi drivers, cashiers, telemarketers, and bartenders (Marshall). For example Momentum Machines has designed a burger flipping robot that can cook burgers, place toppings and wrap the finished product. It can produce 360 burgers per hour, significantly more than their human counterparts. Momentum Machines has plans to further improve their design by increasing the burger output, creating an option for custom meat blends, and adding a slicer to ensure the freshest ingredients. “Our device isn’t meant to make employees more efficient. It’s meant to completely obviate them,” says Co-founder of Momentum Machines, Alexandros Vardakostas. Issues such as these explore
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