Designing A Website 's Design With The Argument Essay

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A website can be described as one of the most important assets a company or organization can possess. It is no longer cutting edge to have a website, it is now a necessity in the business world. One of the most important aspects of a website, is its design. Design is not limited to visual aesthetics alone, it also encompasses the functionality, usability, and purpose of the website. With this much thought and effort being put into a single website, it becomes apparent how important a quality website is. Designer and marketer Joseph Putnam responds to the importance of a website 's design with the argument "Because people will judge your company based on the quality of your website, whether that’s fair or not."(Putnam, "Does Good Web Design Really Matter?") People are attracted to things that are attractive, it sounds simple, however, this statement 's importance can not be overstated. Thus, with such a heavy focus being placed on the design and aesthetic value of a website, one can imagine the web design industry to be ever expanding. Many web design trends have come and gone: geocities, animated gifs, click to enter pages, these are all notable examples of once popular and now dead trends. Our current trends are focused on usability, aesthetics, and speed. The first major trend to highlight has existed for several years and continues to be one of the fundamental aspects of modern web design; it is called "Minimalism." The guiding principles of this design are ideas such as

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