Designing A Wind Energy Into Electrical Energy With The Help Of Wind Turbine

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The topic aim to prepare a vehicle which can convert a wind energy into electrical energy with the help of wind turbine. Wind turbines are mainly used for electricity generation to pump water etc. This design conveys simple wind turbine which converts kinetic energy into mechanical energy that can produce electricity. The energy stored in the battery which is produced by windmill on a small vehicle. The vehicle can be setup by the small wind mill that produce energy. the alternator will boost the energy and produce. it works because the motion of the car moves with wind .It gives project limitations and drawbacks.

MANUFACTURE OF WIND VITALITY VECHICLE we are in this world largely depend on power which is generated from various sources contribution of conventional, renewable and non renewable sources. It deals with utilizing wind energy in a fast moving vehicles. It is also a pollution free. The wind is more unpredictable .Neighborhood winds are brought on by two parts. The primary is different warming of territory water. sun based protection in the midlist of the day is immediately changed over to sensible essential. of the zone surface yet is made some of that water, which causes the air over the range to warmth up and gets the zone arises, and the cooler heavier over the air water moves into the supplement . this is instrumentation of shore breezes. Around night time, the head of the breezes is exchanged in light t the fact…

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