Designing An Advertisement Campaign On Beauty Salon

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Develop an advertisement campaign

Lakhvir Singh
ID 1502

Introduction Here I am making an Advertising plan on beauty salon it would be helpful to increase its market. The name of the Salon is awesome hair and Beauty studio. It is located in Werribee, Vic. I want to increase its customer number. The name of the owner is Priya. She starts this business to gain profit. The main objective of this advertising plan is to advertising objective is to demonstrate the effectiveness of a product or its ease of use.

Purpose of the plan:
Over the last five years there has been an expansion of upscale chain salons in major metropolitan areas. The expansion takes the form of opening new stores, as well as purchasing independently-owned salons and transferring them over to the chain. Additionally, this trend has occurred with the full-service, family hair cutting stores.
The reason for this trend is similar to other industries that are consolidating; cost saving measures. Awesome is not participating in this trend of aligning itself with a chain. Awesome believes that it has better insight to its local market and would rather apply this specialized insight to its market instead of adopting the procedures of a national chain.The main purpose of the plan to provide a wide range of products and beauty therapies to the customers. Our prices will be cheap and we offering a special discount to the customers. Our main aim is to provide good quality of
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