Designing An Architecture For A Software Product

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Question 1: What is Architecture? Why It is Important to Create an Architecture for a Software Product?

Answer 1:

About Architecture:

 There is lots of different definition for architecture for different people.
Like as a noun we can consider to an Architecture as a “Structure”, like something in terms of its components and interaction.
As a verb we can define an Architecture as a “Vision”, like process of architecting, significant design decision, etc.
 In a real world definition we can simply say that: “Architecture is a formal description of a system.”
 In my words I am defining to an Architecture as a “A strong Imagination” means like a picture comes in our mind when we thought about something.”

Importance of an Architecture:
 We can recognize the key area of satisfaction and dissatisfaction using software architecture which cannot be recognized at the code level.
 We are using different technology for the larger program or a project or we can say an application. This various technology needs to be arranged to recognize quality of the product. By using the software architecture we can easily recognize key scenario and identify important quality attribute like reliability or scalability (usability).

Question 2: What is an Architecture Viewpoint? Describe the basic view point.
Answer 2:
Architecture Viewpoint:
 In a real world we can define to viewpoint like “A Situation or A Place or we can say a position from which something we can observe”…
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