Designing An Architecture For Agent Oriented Supply Chain Management

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Abstract: The supply chain involves suppliers, factories, warehouses, distribution centers, and retailers directly or indirectly through which raw materials are acquired, transformed, and delivered to customers. A new system generation has been evolved in order to improve the products, improve financially and satisfy the customer demand. For this target, supply chain is composed of a set of intelligent agents, responsible for one or more activities in the supply chain and each interacting with other agents in the planning and execution of their responsibilities.
This project is to develop an architecture for agent oriented supply chain management in order to increase overall profitability. In this project, we went through different kinds of agents who contribute to Supply chain management. The approach relies on the use of an agent building shell, providing components and services for communication, coordination, role-based organization modeling, and others.


Supply Chain coordination has become a critical success factor for Supply Chain management (SCM) and effectively improving the performance of organizations in various industries. Companies are increasingly located at the intersection of one or more corporate networks which are designated by “Supply Chain”. Managing this chain is mainly based on an 'information sharing ' and redeployment activities between the various links that comprise it. Several attempts have been made by industrialists and…

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