Designing An E Commerce Website For A New Start Up

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Introduction and Background:

The project proposal is to design and develop an e-commerce website for a new start up

company. Through this e-commerce portal the company wants to sell different category of

products like electronics, clothing, foot wear, home furnishing etc. The new start up company is

already having a store at Mumbai, India. But, the business owner want reach more customer. So

the business owner understands the competitive market and he wants to apply new business

trends to stay competitive in today 's modern world. As per the scenario in future it seems like the

business owner might close his physical store and do the business only through online.

Problem Statement:

1. Physical shop rent is increasing year on
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Dealing with a database of clients and a

database of items for the shop proprietors through an advantageously composed Graphical User

Interface which will use an easy to use natural configuration approach.

Online shopping center will be an electronic quick track shopping application outlined in the

structure of an e-trade site which is very attractive, interesting and easy to buy and sell products.

The framework will be intended to be utilized by shop clients with practically zero involvement

in utilizing electronic frameworks and shop proprietors will be prepared to utilize those products

as well. To help clients, documentation will be given as a client manuals which will contain an

itemized portrayal of all framework capacities.

Statement of Scope:

Online Shopping center will be an e-commerce website and will also be an e-business

programming framework which will be intended to robotize a shop deals. The primary capacity

of the product will be to help both clients and the store proprietors through increase in large

number of / variety of different kind of products. The framework will be hence intended to

permit a client to perform the accompanying capacities:

• sign on either as a client or a store proprietor

• peruse through the database of accessible items

• register

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