Designing An Effective Advertisement

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What does it take to make an effective advertisement that will successfully communicate an important message? What does it take to capture the eye of the intended audience? It could be dependent on the color selections or maybe even a certain graphic or image. Although those are all vital elements to take into consideration during the design process, the most important element in creating an effective advertisement is typography. Typography by definition is the arrangement and manipulation of a certain typeface or typefaces on the layout of a design. Arranging text into an effective design requires plenty of thought and a fair amount of experimentation.
A designer must consider the many different factors including alternative typefaces, point sizes, line lengths and character spacing. These text elements represent typography, and with the correct combination, it could be the means to a very successful advertisement and design. When looking at typography from a marketing mentality, it is crucial to pay attention to the overall appearance and tones advertisements try to express. Typography is a powerful tool to establish an identity or presence, showcase the services or products it can offer them, and subtly inject the intended message, above and beyond the actual words and graphics.
The History and Origin of Typography The origin of typography dated as early as 1850 to 1600 B.C.E. and originated from Ancient Greece. Punches and dies were utilized to produce
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