Designing An Esp Study Using Zener Cards

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Designing an ESP study using Zener Cards The purpose of this study is to outline an experiment that will correctly display if a person does or does not have extra-sensory perception. Our hypothesis is that people with a strong sense of ESP will accurately identify the Zener cards more than 20% of the time. The probability of guessing any card correctly is 20% so a person with ESP would have a higher probability of guessing correctly. Evidence for the existence of ESP has been found but this could just be a case of coincidence. There are many accounts of clairvoyance and telepathy but it has always been hard to test for these abilities. Joseph Banks Rhine created the method of using cards to test the accuracy of guessing but the scientific community did not expect this. There are many argument against ESP’s existence such as, it breaks the know laws of the universe, and for us to have a sixth sense we would need an organ that maps to that a. For this experiment there will be to groups, one where the participants would believe that they have ESP and the other who don’t believe they have ESP. For my experimental group I would only choose those that believe they have ESP and for the control group a random sampling to participate in a “guessing game”. There would be two advertisements sent out one looking for people that have ESP and another to test the brains method of guessing. Preliminary test and questions would be asked in the beginning to
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