Designing An Innovative Shopping Experience For Our Brand

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We will use the internet, extranets intranets, and SuiteCommerce platform to provide a communication and computing power that support the strategic use of information system for our Brave online clothing store. We will also have specialized customers databases, and in house internet and intranet databases to provide information to support daily business operations and decision making process. SuiteCommerce platform offered by NetSuite is what we will use to operate our business. Here are the reasons, according to their product description on NetSuite. One of our goals is to design the innovative shopping experience for our brand. SuiteCommerce create an innovative shopping experience by “providing customer acquisition and retention experiences by utilizing a single source of item, inventory, customer and order data to feed your customer-facing systems” that can be presented sophisticatedly on smart phones, tablets, laptops and desktops (Suite Commerce, 2016). To be able to offer great customer experience, SuiteCommerce allow us to actually know our customers, build loyal and deeper relationship with customers while providing personalized and dependable service by being able to see all channels, 360 degree view of every customers along with the ability to capture and improve all customer interaction in single system (Suite Commerce, 2016). Another advantage of using SuiteCommerce is capability to efficiently and rapidly fulfill customer expectancy to purchase, satisfy and…
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