Designing An Online Educational Environment

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The process for designing an online educational environment is a unique experiment and must be done in a methodical manner. The equipment, multimedia, and software and hardware all have to be incorporated into a virtual space that can be accessed by multiple user simultaneously as well as on the individual’s time and location. Providing this type of service requires a standardized preparation and planning for the virtual experience to be beneficial to its users. Simply logging on to the web and reading the text and watching videos that are online is not adequate enough to meet the requirement for learning and earning a degree. Yenitepe and Tezgider stated that “high-caliber content is the key content is the key content with an instructional design that makes courses effectively” (pg. 30, 2004.) The curriculum must be designed with purpose and be meaningful, in order for the learning experience to be beneficial and recognized and found merit to deserve credit. The designers must carry out a well thought out plan to develop an online learning experience the designer will have to incorporate the ADDIE model to get the designing phase on paper. The “A” which stands for analyze, is vital because this step is what and how the creation will become into existence, the designer finds all data needed to create a plan to layout an effective learning environment. There are checks and balances done as well as cross examinations to ensure that the preparation to develop the virtual
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