Designing An Original Toy For Children Aged Eight And Under

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Introduction As a part of our final project for GEEN 1400 Engineering Projects, we had to design an original toy for children aged eight and under. Each group has to come up with a new toy which has not yet existed. The toy requires the implementation of engineering skills in its manufacturing and design process. Some of those competence are obtained from in-class workshops or personal experience, though students are also allowed to take workshops outside of class, in the ITLL, or Idea Forge. Several of the skills most groups require are: laser cutting, CAD, electronics, 3D printing, etc. Not everyone in the group possesses skills for all aspects of the project. Students divide among themselves and each member takes over a part of the project, however, team members still communicate with each other in completing their tasks. Later, they piece in their parts and collaborate to figure out remaining tasks and possible improvements to the project. The deadline for this project is the Design Expo where students present their project to judges visiting from local companies. Our section’s theme of the final project is toys, particularly for those aged eight and under. Therefore, we wanted to construct a toy which is fun, yet suitable for children within that age group. We decided to design an LED maze for our final project. It primarily consist of a hockey-themed maze with several LED beams as barriers. A mini air-hockey puck is part of the toy and the user utilizes it to glide

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