Designing An Outside Sales Force

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Our furniture store has enjoyed success as a cash and carry business, but in order for us to expand our market share and increase our revenue; we have decided to create an outside sales force to capture the local business market. This sales force will focus on meeting the need of our business community for all-inclusive office furniture packages from design to delivery. After researching the market condition in Ocala, we have determined that although there are many companies selling furniture, there are few local businesses offering complete office furniture packages that include design consultation and delivery. Ocala and the surrounding area of fifty miles, is home to over 340,000 people and close to 13,000 businesses…show more content…
Our stated requirements include the following characteristics, accomplishments, and abilities. Applicants must have: • A college degree or four years of sales experience in furniture sales or related industry. We believe that a college graduate offers the best potential for a candidate to our program, but those that have a record of success in the sales industry also make good candidates. • Strong communication and organizational skills. The applicant must be able to engage others in effective conversation and be able to disseminate information in a coherent manner to both clients and sales managers. • Good technical skills. The candidate must be able to show proficiency in the use of programs such as Power Point, Excel, Word, and all other platforms used in sales tracking and presentations by our company. • Must have a professional appearance. As a representative of our company, all applicants must be well dressed in business attire and well groomed in a manner that reflects positively on our company. We will use several different avenues to recruit candidates including job postings on and, but most importantly we will recruit from the vast pool of college candidates from the University of Florida, Santa Fe College, and the College of Central Florida all
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