Designing An Oversized Throw Quilt For My Daughter As A Birthday Gift

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Elizebeth Putnam A00378052 Section One: Chain Model 1. I would like to make an oversized throw quilt for my daughter as a birthday gift. 2. a) choose a quilt pattern, b) decide on a color palette and fabric, c) cut out fabric pieces, d) sew pieces together, add batting and quilt back, e) send to quilter, and f) bind quilt to finish. 3. In order to accomplish this project for my daughter I will need $205 to cover the costs of supplies and quilter’s fee. It will take approximately 18 hours for my labor and one hour for the quilters to finish the quilt. The space in my schedule is limited and my daughter 's birthday is four weeks away, so the 18 hours will be divided into 6 hours per weekend for a total of three weekends. 4.…show more content…
2. Honda Accord Pros-mileage of 32,165, black, dark tinted windows, and a nice interior. Cons-price of $16,000, 21/30 mpg, 4-cylindar, and an automatic transmission. Nissan Altima. Pros-mileage of 31,352, price of $15,000, CVT-transmission, child LATCH system, 23/32 mpg, and a manual transmission. Cons-basic interior, charcoal gray paint, and light tinted windows. 3. We have been approved for a vehicle loan of $15,000 with a two percent interest rate through the local credit union, which would make our payments $232 per month. It is very important we find a dealership in our community that has a great reputation. This dealership also needs a service department to assist us with any future mechanical needs. The vehicles will need a CARFAX report available to give a detailed list of possible accidents, service record, number of owners, and the states where the vehicle has been registered. This is the most important information needed to make a good decision. 4. This model allows us to choose based on what works best for our budget and our needs. There are simple things such as paint color that are not as important as price and mileage. Over all we were able to make the best choice since it was one we would be stuck with for a while. 5. We found a dealership that was close to our home that was known for its honesty and service. The T-grid model allowed us to compare the cons and pros of both vehicles. We decided the Nissan
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