Designing And Design A 3 Week Training Program

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1.0 Aim: The purpose of this assessment is to create and design a 3 week training program to improve individual performance capacity based on our knowledge of fitness training regimes and their components. 2.0 Introduction: Fitness is the condition of being physically fit and healthy and attaining this is a goal in a lot of people’s lives because it promotes good health and hygiene. Being a progressional goal, regular physical activity is essential to the growth of your fitness requiring a lot of effort and time. The majority of benefits gained from fitness are not physically visible, but are certainly a great motivation to people aiming to improve their health. These benefits range from mental to physical aspects including: they can…show more content…
Through the application of training principles: specificity, overload, adaptation, progression, reversibility and variation, commonly associated with FITT (frequency, intensity, type and time), fitness programs can be created to highly innovate physical activity leading to the improvement of fitness. This essay will look at how these can be utilised to design a three week training program to improve two specific fitness components identified as beneficial to a tennis player. 3.0 Results: TABLE#1 Fitness component & definition Fitness Test Result Rating Cardiovascular endurance Beep Test 8.3 Average Agility Illinois agility test 18.4s Low Anaerobic capacity & speed 40m sprint 6.91s Poor Muscular power Standing long jump 230cm Good Muscular endurance Push-ups 10 Low Muscular strength Grip strength 30 Poor Flexibility Sit 'n ' reach -110 Poor Balance Stalk stand 38 Average Co-ordination Alternate wall toss 35 Excellent 4.0 Discussion: 4.1 - Components of Fitness 4.1.1 Cardiovascular Endurance tested by the ‘Beep test’ involved running 20m continuously between beeps until 2 beeps are missed. The body’s ability to continue to exert itself whilst working hard is relative to how well the heart and lungs can continue to get oxygen to the working muscles. I performed at an average level for this test which may have been influenced by my having a cold on the day of the test. I felt
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