Designing Campaign Messages From The Inside Out

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Designing campaign messages As a healthcare practice we are persistently developing, and executing change to drive improvements. We quite literally build our campaign from the inside out. We want to inspire our patients. Our staff needs to know “why” they do what they do, and the answer is not to make a profit because that’s the result, but they need to know their personal purpose and mission. Our staff members need to be trained/prepared in several conceivable aspects thus they can concentrate on the patient’s needs. Our practice utilizes gain frame appeal, by persuading the individual to come to our healthcare facility and ensuring service excellence, in addition they will receive optimal care. (Du Pre, 2014, p.379). The staff must be…show more content…
“The moral is that service recovery is often an opportunity to turn a customer (patient) into a loyal fan” (Du Pre, 2014, pp.279-280). Our employees will receive training on how to reach patients using a logical and emotional appeal. Employees being provided with skill training will result in more confidence in their work performance, which directly associates with a decreased measure of anxiety and they are more averse to encounter burnout. Du Pre define burnout as an “emotional exhaustion, depersonalization, and a reduced sense of personal accomplishment” (Du Pre, 2014, p.115). We want to motivate our employees to strive for excellence and to achieve this will are given motives to essentially, increase productivity and responsibility, and employee morale in a sense. Each month an employee will be selected based off of work execution and objective accomplishments, they will be determined by client (patient) evaluations. These evaluations will be in the form of a questionnaire, which will have five close ended questions with a comment box located at the bottom. The comment box will be open ended therefore patients can express their experience in their own words. This will be a brief questionnaire the patient can fill it out on our mobile app; therefore it can be done at their convenience. In exchange for taking our questionnaire, the patient will automatically be entered in a drawing to win a gift
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