Designing Culturally Relevant Instruction

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Marion Garner
Final Project
EDU 692:CreativeTeaching: Designing Culturally Relevant Instruction
Dr. Maureen Lienau
January 11, 2016

Most of the students in my culturally diverse school enter my classroom with wisdom and knowledge from their home experiences that can be used to expand their learning even further. The positivity from the learning in my classroom are exponentially greater when my students feel the appreciation and respect that I have for the rich cultural value that their family contributes to the ever-growing educational environment. I believe that young children learn best in a relational, interactive mode rather than focusing on the simple rote instruction.
Part I: Audience and Rationale
Hillcrest Elementary is a medium-salary located Burlington, North Carolina. The student populace at Hillcrest Elementary varies greatly but consist of predominately African Americans that make up more than 91.35% of the student body. More than 65% of the students receive free lunch at Hillcrest and the breakfast for students at Hillcrest has always been free for everyone. There are at least 16 students per teacher. The North Carolina average is 15 students per teacher.

Part II: Outcomes Through my student’s individual experiences, I can see how their learning impacts the innovation they have inside of the classroom. These innovative qualities that my student possess will also in turn help them succeed in the 21st century using those skills provided to them.…
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