Designing Curriculum For Your Lms

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Assignment 3: Designing Curriculum for Your LMS
Delivery of Material In the following learning management system the material will be delivered in an Asynchronous class. An asynchronous class is flexible where students and instructors can complete work at any given time within deadlines. (Boud, 2013) Instructors deliver materials, lectures, tests, and assignments that can be accessed at any time. Students will receive a time span in which the materials and assignments will be due. This will usually be around a week deadline and then the course will continue throughout more materials. Having some type of communication, like a discussion would be required for the week along with assignments. However, students are on their own time line and can work at their own pace.
Different Learning Assets

The different learning assets will include discussions, test and quizzes, videos, and e-portfolios. With these four different assets students that are on different learning styles will be able to connect with one or all of them and learn the knowledge. (Chung, 2013) Having different assets will assist in teaching to make sure that everyone can learn the material being taught.

Discussions are a way that can get everyone involved and engaged. Having discussions will be a key element in the learning management system. Discussions are a way for everyone to add their input and opinions. With discussions the instructor can also see how everyone thinks and…
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