Designing Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment for Students with Special Needs Reflection

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As an educator, teaching in an inclusive classroom, it is my responsibility for all students to meet high standards regardless of their learning abilities. With high standards in today’s educational system, meeting these expectations can be challenging. Throughout this course I have learned to become familiar with general characteristics of all learning disabilites along with where to locate additional information if needed, how to create, adapt and modify curriculum, instruction and assessments to provide optimal learning for students with special needs, and how to implement and follow a behavioral management plan. Familiraizing myself with the nature and characteristics of different types of learning disabilites has allowed me to …show more content…
When students have a tool box of learning strategies, this will help close their performance gap, learning strategies also give students a way to think through and find a solution, and in return they will become independent learners. In addition to my knowledge gained throughout this course about learning disabilities and enhancing content by the use of learning strategies, I have learned that some special needs learner’s behavior is impacted by their disability. Designing curriculum, instruction,and assessment alone does not ensure all students within an inclusive classroom will meet their educational goals. Behavior management is another crucial component to ensure a learning environment is conducive to learning. As a general education teacher this can present challenges. In an inclusive classroom, educators need to collaborate with other professionals to ensure that behavior management is in place to support the academic and social inclusions of student with disabilities or special needs. “Behaviroal difficulties that interfere with a student’s school performance have long been a challenge for educators” (Killu, 2008). Throughout this course, I have expanded my knowledge in the importance of adapting and modifing curriculum, instruction, and assessment to include an awareness and understanding of learning disabilities. In addition, I have learned to enhance content through the use of learning strategies, which have a
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