Designing Design And Application Design

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Because RPP was unable to have the application developed at this time, objectives 5-7 were unable to be completed. However, the modified objectives were successfully completed. These objectives encompassed creating an up-to-date GeoMedia database compatible with Smart Client, designing the application, and performing an economic feasibility study. Moreover, the application design involved all technical sight triangle calculations. Once RPP has the financial resources available, the application design is ready to be sent to the developer for building. 6.1 Database and Application Design 6.1.1 Data The database has successfully been updated and implemented into GeoMedia. Each attribute has not been filled, except Crossing ID, Railway,…show more content…
Adding this category allows the inspector to know prior to arrival that they can skip the crossing. Xing_Access (Crossing Accessibility) Cross Accessibility is a new piece of data being collected. Crossings classified according to the road class (grid, highway, or urban) and the crossing class (public, private, or GS). Generally speaking, public crossings are inspected whereas private crossings are not; they are not under MHI jurisdiction. However, if a private crossing is publicly used, it can be deemed appropriate to inspect. Moreover, where there is public right of way crossing a rail right of way, even if there is no developed roadway, it is technically a public crossing. However, these undeveloped crossings are not inspected, as there is no road. However, RPP wished to retain these data points. A crossing accessibility attribute’s purpose is to further distinguish public and private crossings so an inspector can know prior to visiting the site whether the grade crossing should be inspected or not. A crossing’s accessibility can be considered normal, publicly used (PU), or undeveloped (UD). GS, normal-private, and UD-public crossings are not inspected. Normal-public and PU-private crossings are inspected. PU-public and UD-private crossings are not possible combinations. In the application, these accessibility options will be unable to be selected once a crossing classification is chosen. For example, once a crossing is
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