Designing Developing And Sourcing Of A New Product

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II. Development Supply Chain: This phase deals with the process involved in designing developing and sourcing of a new product. This phase does not deal with the transportation or the inventory level associated to the physical goods,even it has significant influence on the fulfillment of supply chain as this phase takes care of the sourcing and design. Development of supply chain is a time-consuming procedure which generally takes up to one year which calls for good forecasting data and methodology as customer interest and evolving demands play a critical role for this process.

Postponement Strategies: Large number of product variation makes it difficult to forecast the demand for each variety and this will affect the supply chain
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Supply Chain Strategy: This defines the way in which the supply chain should function such that there is a coordination and support to the product strategy, this acknowledges the fact that supply chain strategy differs with respect to the product strategy
3. Supply Chain Structure: This represents the major decisions made by the management which has significant effect on supply chain activities like sourcing, product development, distribution,supplier selection, and manufacturing which also includes the practices like integration and logistics which are classically associated with the supply chain management
4. Performance: Standard performance indicators are used in order to measure the supply chain at corporate level relative to peers

Current Challenges faced by the supply chain
In recent years mobile industry has grown at a remarkable rate and the characteristics are shaped by the factors such as globalization, customization, consumerism etc. some of the challenges faced by the supply chain are
1. Growing amount variations in product
2. Increasing supply chain at global level
3. rising demand uncertainty
4. Pressure to decrease impact on environment
5. Growing number of component suppliers
6. Pressure to reduce costs
7. Demanding consumers
8. Need for high degree of customization at low cost
9. Increasing competitions in a global

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