Designing Effective Curriculum, Instruction And Assessment

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Throughout this course I have gained many insights about designing effective curriculum, instruction and assessment. Though the use of our various resources, discussions, and assignments I have grown as an educator and will take many things from this course to implement into my classroom. The three most important aspects I am taking away from this course are the use of real world performance tasks, unpacking goals to find specific and measurable objectives, and the importance of differentiation geared towards the individual classroom.
The creation and implementation of real world based performance tasks allows students to have a more meaningful and useful learning experiences. By allowing my students to solve problems in a real world context, I am giving them the tools needed to extend their problem solving skills to other subjects and outside of school. By linking STEM education to everyday life through a deeper understanding of technology and use of the engineering design process, students will continue to thrive in the classroom. Relating experiences and activities done in the classroom to everyday problems and situations results in students being more efficient learners.
Another important part of this course I found very helpful was learning to unpack standards. Many of the learning standards implemented in my classroom are full of material that I find difficult to manage. By unpacking these standards, I am now able to focus more specifically on certain objectives and…
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