Designing Innovation Strategies For New Digital Era

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Essay Topic: “Over the last fifteen years or so there has been a steadily increasing desire for design to prove its commercial value, to demonstrate to clients that their investment is tangibly worth it.” Design Council 2010 Please discuss how design can prove its commercial value with a measured ROI, explore 2 fashion case studies citing at least 5 relevant academic/industry references. Essay Questions: What design aspects are best applicable in modern digital era to increase revenue Can design solely prove its value in sustainable fashion or this is a dependable variable in reciprocity with customers ROI How the significance of design is evolving in modern digital era How designing innovation strategies can revive luxury brands How luxury brand can add value to customer’s life trough more than designing a product How design affects perceived value of the product from consumer’s persepctive Thesis Statement: Design’s ability of applying to the versatile parts of business in order to develop, improve and increase it’s overall economical value whilst reciprocally enriching consumer’s experience trough given product or service, makes it one of the most important commercial assets. At the tactical level, design can be used for identifying new business opportunities and generating unique product concepts (Joziasse, 2000). Table of contents: 1.Introduction There has been an increasing call for more critical thinking in terms how successful the design and marketing

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