Designing New Mobile Phone Marketing Strategy Differential By Developing A New Product

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Under the new mobiles customer 's needs where companies develop new sophisticated models that pressure the society to acquire the new tendency. E-Cube designed a modular smartphone with a free platform, open hardware and accessible price. This innovative technology allows personalized the equipment according to each customer necessities based on the endoskeleton frames which can be replaced easily like increase battery capacity, camera or speakers. Besides, it reduces electronic wasting derivate from exchanging blocks to increase features or reuse blocks. This company has shown concern about environment and production with social responsibility and eco-friendly process. 2. E-CUBE OBJETIVES The company E-Cubed based its business strategy…show more content…
• Constitute a due diligence to decrease the time of equipment replacement for failure on hardware caused by user error or warranty contract. 3. STAKEHOLDERS’ NEEDS E-Cube has many stakeholders and the value creation involved with the company means different things for each of them. The drivers influencing stakeholders are of a wide swath, ranging from ethical consumption, to technology, to profit making - depending on which entity is being considered. Depending on the stakeholder, the influence on the enterprise goals is more significant (see Appendix 1). E-Cube’s products are targeting ethical consumers, the vast majority of which are located within the age range of 25 and 55. Customers are one of the most important factors upon the stakeholders, and the success or breakdown of the company depends largely on the client acceptance of the product. The reason for that is because the initial investment that the corporation has to afford is very significant, thus, the product must be accepted quickly in order to start recovering the initial capital investment as soon as possible. E-Cube must have consumer’s expectations taken into consideration at all times in order to set up enterprise goals. The goals in this case are creating environmentally friendly products, ensuring a responsible supply chain, and providing a high quality of products and services at a low price. The
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