Designing Of Plan Layout And Architecture Of House

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INTRODUCTION 1.1 Brief Introduction: Now-a-days as development of buildings is increasing and there is demand of designing of plan-layout and architecture of house. Now sometimes after the design is ready and house is build the client is not satisfied with the work as there is miss interaction between designing and understanding of plan layout. Even contractors get confuse while investing in big society just by looking at planning; like if the outcome of construction does not go as good as design. People even get confuse while selecting the texture and colour of the houses they want to build.

To deal with these issues, recent research area projects includes few closely related areas of computer discipline like –Virtual Reality Architecture. Virtual Reality is a powerful new technology with great opportunity to help contractors and architect for making their presentation of plan layout better. This project focus on real-time experience. User can view model of their property in virtual reality. Here they get a walk-through environment of the property they are planning to build. Even as it is a new technology architect and contractor can satisfy and convince their customers more easily. Even interior and texture of the house can be designed using this project. 1.2 Aim of the project: This project aims for converting and viewing 3D model of houses into virtual reality for user. In this user will also get a good number of pre-uploaded models and layout of…
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