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Designing on ESP Study Zener cards The purpose of this essay is to create an experiment that test whether or not psychics have clairvoyant power. 1a. Dr. Venkman believes that psychics are the only one who has this special clairvoyant power that no regular person has. 1b. In his article How ESP Works, Tom Harris reveals that no one are ability to prove that extra- sensory perception (ESP), exist. For example, Harris uses the scenario of a man who wrote a book about a sunken ship, which had the same description as the Titanic. The book was published before the Titanic was built. He was rewarded as a psychic, however this scenario limits the scientific method because it occurs in an uncontrolled environment. In order to effectively demonstrate some good evidences, scientists need to conduct an experiment that has a closely controlled condition. In John Thomas’ facts sheet, he mentions that the evidences cited for ESP are usually anecdotal. He states these anecdotal claimed that scientific tests at respected research institutions have conclusively demonstrated that ESP exists. For example, as pointed out by Thomas, the SRI remote- viewed experiments claimed that subjects could see places through the eyes of others. However, psychologies are unable to repeat the result of this experiment. Methods Participants 2a (I) This research aims to prevent any bias data by controlling the environment of the experiment. The participants will be both male and female of different ages. The

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