Designing Our Future With Designer Babies

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Designing our future with designer babies, many might not know what they are. Designer babies are babies that have their genetic make-up selected for them by their parents and are born to look specific to what the parents chose. It’s a great idea! This is an amazing option to choose for many other reasons than to have a beautiful baby! You can choose the eyes, nose, mouth, and head shape. You can choose the skin color, height, and gender, (yes, you can choose whether or not to have your divalicious princess or your professional mess maker!) You can choose the athletic ability of your child! You can choose to have your baby born with a superior IQ, instead of twelve years in school it could probably be reduced at least by half, if not more. You can assure that your child will never have to experience the pain and humiliation of being bullied at school. From here on out designer babies can be the wonderful outcome to make our future perfect, you can have the child you’ve always dreamed of! Let’s say you have a gene that carries a debilitating illness, says Paul Walman from the American Prospect, but if you are to create a designer baby you can have that gene removed from your egg and your child will never gain the illness making his or her life easier, and stop the illness from running in your family ever again. Would you choose this option as many others would? Walman assures that it is safe and will NOT cause your child to be born looking like a cyclops, many…

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