Designing Products Of Artworks Based On Using The Knowledge

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The idea behind my project is the process to create products of artworks based on using the knowledge that I already know and use new and different techniques that I inquired and reflected upon. My plan is to create an inventory of merchandise which then I would be able to sell to clientele who wishes to own these pieces of art. I would also use the earning to buy more supplies that will be used to create more artworks. At the end of the year, I will count the amount of funds that was accumulated and spent, and my goal is to end up with a positive net sum amount. So in other words, I would make artwork that is appealing and creative as an artist, and then turning around and sell these paintings to potential customers who desire …show more content…

Then I came to the idea of making paintings. After realizing what I could do, I went to school the next day to ask for the approval of my advisory teacher, Mrs. Della, and she said that it would be perfect. With already supplies at my disposal, which was borrowed from my father, I decided to make that my project. The Area of Interaction that I will be demonstrating Human Ingenuity. My MYP Personal Project fits into the Human Ingenuity Category because it allows me to use my own creative talent that can be incorporated into these artworks that I had made. It gives me the ability to explore different types of art techniques and reflect on the paintings that I had already made to improve on details on the artwork. The reflections that I make on paintings are always consistent, whether it was when I was starting on new paintings, or when I was continuing a painting the next day. The process that I took to make paintings was to first look for inspiration. Inspiration was always taken when the paintings were made. I would mainly use either Pinterest or Google, where I would just glance over images and picture what I can put on the canvas; I also used these sources for help, for example, I had trouble trying to paint a sunset, so I used this tool to aid me in my process. The first step that I would do on the canvas, however, would be to sketch out my

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