Designing Quality Customer Service Process

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A. Provide a detailed written report outlining the process you to undertake this task

1. Introduction

Customer service is very important practice in nearly every industry due to customer is major component in the business. The organization that capable of initiate quality customer service is likely to achieve better business performance in similar industry. Provide service greater than customer expectation will automatically improve customer satisfaction. This will help persuade current customer to return to the company service in the future. The purpose of this report is develops the process to improve and formalize customer service strategy of AET transport. This paper will outline essential step to develop quality customer service process from current process that utilize in the company at the moment.

2. Process to undertake the task at AET transport

The process that customer service manager to undertake the task of develop and formalize AET’s customer service strategy that capable of fulfill the gap between the company mission to provide quality customer service and un-organized process to work with the customer consist of the following step. (1) Identify and analyze problem in the organization, (2) Develop implementation plan and schedule for new customer service standard, (3) Implement of new customer service standard, (4) Evaluate the effectiveness of new standard, (5) Ensure that this standard to meet with international quality standard and (6) Continue improve

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