Designing The Cd Package Design

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CD Package Design I was inspired by watercolor portraits and CD packaging designs from other students. I decided to incorporate this idea into the CD package design. Throughout the CD Package, I added a faded textured in the background of the design. Within the background on the back panel, I added a transparent photograph of a cricket to keep consistent with the title of the album name. Then, added paint splatters and rendered them to make the model as a recognizable subject for the cover. In addition, I added the song titles and an excerpt inside the front sleeve of the cover. Furthermore, I used three colors: cerulean blue, chartreuse green, and indigo purple throughout the project. Lastly, I added a barcode, a record label logo, and fictitious information to make the entire CD package look realistic. Typography Calendars For the month of May, I created a calendar page using Franklin Gothic typeface and added different shades of green and a beige color for the background in the calendar. I expanded the word “May” and composed the days of the month and weeks into the word itself. I also included the history of Franklin Gothic and added “Franklin Gothic” at the bottom of the composition. Lastly, I added “2015” on top of the bottom base to complete the calendar. For the month of October, I used the font Times New Roman and used different shades of the color red throughout the whole calendar. Instead of using a standard calendar outline, I decided to add the days,
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