Designing The Final Design Project

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4. Theory This Chapter consists of requirements, criteria, factors, elements and principles that gives insight on how to design the Final Design Project. The conceptual framework is a tentative theory (answer) for the research and design questions and represents the knowledge gained on how to solve a practical problem in the specific situation. 4.1 Programme The programme for the final project have been identified as commercial, specifically healthcare design that focus on the paediatric aspect of the specific program. 4.1.1 Specific Program This section will discuss the theoretical aspect of the specific programme, namely healthcare design. Hospital functions Hospitals are made up of a wide range of services and functions.…show more content…
(Dr. Tarawneh 2014) v. Occupancy A building that was designed as a healthcare facility, may only be used for this purpose. (Dr. Tarawneh 2014) vi. Parking Healthcare spaces must provide parking spaces. (Dr. Tarawneh 2014) vii. Patient movement Spaces must be wide enough to ensure free movement of patients, whether beds, stretchers or wheelchairs are used. Circulation passages from one area to another must be accessible at any time. Corridors for access must have a minimum width of 2,44 meters. Corridors not commonly used to transport for beds, can be reduced to 1,83 meters. (Dr. Tarawneh 2014) viii. Safety Healthcare facilities must provide and maintain a safe environment for patients, staff and visitors. Exits are the following types: door leading directly to the outside, ramp, exterior and interior stair. Have a minimum of two exists, remote from each other, on each floor. Exits must end at an open space to the building’s outside. (Carr 2011) ix. Security Healthcare facilities must ensure the security of the users and assets within the building. (Carr 2011) x. Segregation Rooms must provide separation of sexes. Separate toilets must be designed for patients and personnel, male and female. (Dr. Tarawneh 2014) xi. Signage There must be an effective graphic system made from a number of individual visual aids and devices arranged to provide information,
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