Designing The Future Of Architecture

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Designing the Future has always been an idea of many architects and designers. These ideas will always be there and they will never stop. Architects will constantly be thinking about what will be the future of architecture, what kinds of building will be built. Just the idea of future buildings boggle the minds of many, including architects and builders. All the concepts of buildings and structures are very contemporary and clean looking. They all either have a very round shape or squares. Many use materials such as oak (wood) and quartz. There are many types of architecture builders have been designing. Bridges, buildings, and art pieces all correlate into something spectacular. Many ideas have it drawn out as a clean utopia. There are even ideas of indoor parks, floating pools, and even invisible architecture. These types of buildings can change the current state of the world, maybe cutting down on the resources that we consume. Many of these buildings or structures could help resolve overflow of people in the world. There are currently 7.3 billion people on earth (2013). The architects behind the blueprints have come up with resource ready buildings, meaning they won’t use as many resources as building do now. As I stated before, architects have been coming up with models and designs of architecture. Many of which are very odd looking. One of them is a rotating building with each room being a pod on which the are connected to a rotating shaft. These buildings will be
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