Designing The Road At Pehiaweri Marea

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7. Discussion: Now I would like to analyse the research I have done to complete my industry project by answering the following research questions- Q1.What types of roads are required and how construct the road at pehiaweri marea? Solution- Sealed road- The road is a way to reach from one place to another. It limits the wider distances. Sealed road is a road which surface has been permanently sealed by use of one of several pavements treatment. Materials used for sealed road- soil, water, asphalt, concrete, tar and Bitumen. How to construct the road - firstly I will investigate and clear the site of road with grass Extracting. I will remove extra waste materials. I will inspect the soil because clay soil is soft so that strong soil is needed for construction of road. Construction of sealed road involves the following 6 basic steps. 1. Preparation of sub grade 2. Preparation of sub base 3. Preparation of base 4. Preparation of wearing course 5. Preparation of shoulders 6. Opening to traffic Sub grade act as cushion for other layers. It should be strong. The road will be 182 m in length and 7 m wide. It is compacted by rollers by spraying water one night before. Soil will be stabilized on place with this process. On the well compacted sub grade, spread broken stones or over burnt bricks in layers of thickness. The sub- base should be compacted by a roller to provide a plain surface. On the prepared sub base or directly on the sub grade, the specified materials of the base

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