Designing The Robotic Arm Is Controlled By A Microcontroller Based System

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In this paper a project is proposed to separate the objects from a set according to their colors. This can be useful for categorization of the objects which move on a conveyer belt. The proposed method of categorization is based on color of the object. In this project the system categorization of different colors. The detection of the particular color is done by a light intensity to frequency converter method. The robotic arm is controlled by a microcontroller based system which controls DC motor for picking up the specified color from a moving objects conveyer belt.
In this project we will be using combination of microcontroller, Sensors and mat lab for some virtualization. When a different combination of objects moving on industrial conveyer belt it’s very difficult or labor consuming to separate the objects based on the color , As machinery is capable to produce the different color objects at the same time or different machineries produce the different color objects and dump on the same conveyer belt. At this point of time our project provides value added service in picking up the objects based on their color for packing or distinguishing.


Fig. 1.1 Block Diagram

The word 'robot ' comes from the Czech word, robata, meaning drudgery or servitude, which first appeared in the English language in 1923 [4]. Robot was introduced into human culture in this early 1920s in a play by Karel Capek about mechanical men

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