Designing Your Own Computer For A Computer

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There are various steps that go into building your own computer, this guide is designed to help even the least computer savvy people in building their own machines. Building a computer from scratch gives you the perfect machine that you have always desired, it allows you to modify and build a computer that suits your needs best. It is always a less expensive option, rather than spending a fortune on pre-built machines which sooner or later do require major upgrades. There 's a rush that you get when you press the power button for the first time on a new computer. The quiet blow of the fans, the reassuring beeps, and the glow of a monitor all signal the completion of another successful build. That feeling of unknown and anticipation is one…show more content…
Intel and AMD are one of the leading brands that manufacture processors choose the processor that has speed but also account for power usage and cooling requirements. 3. Motherboard. The motherboard acts as the torso to the brain (CPU) of the computer. The motherboard is used to connect all the internal components of the computer to each other to make a well functioning machine. Different processors have different kinds of socket sizes and only work with the motherboards that support those sizes. The choice of your motherboard will depend on what processor you have, how much space you need on your machine, the size of your case, how much memory you are going to require, if you need a high end graphic card and how often will you upgrade your machine. 4. Random Access Memory card (RAM). RAM is where the programs on your computer will store the information they require to run. High end games and graphics require more RAM memory. If you do not have enough RAM your programs will run slower than they should. A very important note while installing RAM is that it should always be installed in matching pairs, for example if you want your machine to have 8GB of RAM then install two 4GB sticks. 5. Hard Drive. Selecting a hard drive is a matter of personal opinion; your hard drive will store all your personal programs, your operating system, and all of your data. So try and select a hard drive according to the how much space
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