Designing Your Own Computer For A Computer

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There are various steps that go into building your own computer, this guide is designed to help even the least computer savvy people in building their own machines. Building a computer from scratch gives you the perfect machine that you have always desired, it allows you to modify and build a computer that suits your needs best. It is always a less expensive option, rather than spending a fortune on pre-built machines which sooner or later do require major upgrades.
There 's a rush that you get when you press the power button for the first time on a new computer. The quiet blow of the fans, the reassuring beeps, and the glow of a monitor all signal the completion of another successful build. That feeling of unknown and anticipation is one of the driving forces for computer enthusiasts, and building your own computer is the perfect entry point.
This guide will have five parts each with a certain number of steps and a “Warnings” section at the end, let’s get started.
Part 1: Collect the Components
1. Decide the function of your computer. Collect components depending on the what you’re going to use your computer for, for example, if you’re using your computer for gaming then the requirements will be very different than that of a simple office computer. Besides some basic regular components the role of your computer heavily dictates the components you will have to use
2. Central Processing Unit (CPU). The CPU can be considered as the brain of the computer. Now-a-days almost all…
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